Student Mental Health Information Online

PD on Detecting and Supporting Students with Suicidal Risks

Date Event File
Dec 2023 “Gatekeeper" Training Course for School Personnel (Chinese version only) Handout
Nov 2021

Seminar on "Prevention of Student Suicide and Student Mental Health Support" (Series I): Strengthen Identification and Support to Protect Students' Lives 
(Chinese version only)


Oct 2017

Seminar on "Prevention of Student Self-harm and Suicide"


Apr 2017

Sharing Session on "Detection, Supporting and Making Referral for Students with Suicidal Risks: Resources and Good Practices" 
(Chinese version only)

Handout (1)
Handout (2)
Handout (3)
Handout (4)

Mar 2017

Seminar on "How Schools Detect and Support Students with Suicidal Risks" 
(Chinese version only)



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