Student Mental Health Information Online

PD on Promotion of Student Mental Health

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 Aug 2022  Online Seminar on "Love and Care in Schools Amid the New School Year" (Chinese version only)

​​​​​Handout (1) Secondary School
Handout (2) Primary School

Apr 2022 Online Seminar on "Love and Care in Schools Amid Class Resumption"(Chinese version only) Handout

Sep 2021

Induction Programme for Newly Recruited School Social Worker and Student Guidance Personnel 2021/22 - Gatekeeper of Students' Mental Health
(Chinese version only)


Jan 2019

Measures for Promoting Mental Health of Students
(Chinese version only)


Apr 2017

Briefing Session on "Promoting Students' Mental Health and Encouraging Students to Cherish Life" 
(Chinese version only)

Handout (1)
Handout (2)
Handout (3)




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