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“Mental Health@School” Teacher Professional Network

To enhance support for students with mental health needs, the EDB will set up the “Mental Health@School” Teacher Professional Network (the Network) starting from the 2022/23 school year with the aim of providing a resource sharing platform to facilitate teachers’ exchanges and schools’ access to the latest information and community resources for promotion of student mental health, thereby helping create a caring school atmosphere and providing a stronger safety net for students in need. Each school is required to nominate one teacher to join the Network and serve as a bridge between the school and the EDB in promoting student mental health.  The EDB will invite teachers joining the Network to attend online seminars and disseminate the latest information on promotion of student mental health to them through emails. For details, please refer to the EDB Circular Memorandum No. 200/2022.


"Mental Health@School" Teacher Professional Network Online Seminar (Chinese version only) 
Event Content File

Online Seminar (1)
(Jan 2023)

1. Latest resources of the EDB for promoting student mental health
2. Details and promotion of projects on mental health of children and adolescents 

Rundown and Handout

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