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Positive Vibes @ Home Parent Gatekeeper Series

At different stages of growth, children face a lot of pressure and challenges, and sometimes they inevitably feel distressed and hesitant. Parents are the most important gatekeepers of their children, giving them care and support when they need it. In this regard, the Education Bureau has produced a series of thematic psychoeducational short videos to help parents early identify and support their children's mental health needs, and adopt a positive attitude in helping their children face challenges in their growth.

Video Series:

Episode (1): Adjustment and Coping

"Adjustment and Coping" helps parents to understand the influence of various changes in children’s growth and the ways to cultivate children's adaptability.

Episode (2): Stress Management and Problem Solving

"Stress Management and Problem Solving" uses the principles of neuroscience to explain what stress is and introduces five ways to reduce stress, so that parents can learn how to help their children deal with stress correctly.

Episode (3): Early Identification and Help Seeking

“Early Identification and Help Seeking” helps parents understand the importance of early treatment of mood disorders, precautions for taking prescribed psychiatric drugs and ways to promote children's mental health.

Episode (4): Flexibility and Resilience

“Flexibility and Resilience” introduces parents some ways in cultivating their children a growth mindset to overcome adversity.

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